Are you also coming to camp in the wooded Eifel region?

Camping in the forested Eifel? We would like to welcome you to our beautiful campsite between Bitburg and Vianden in the wooded Eifel region. Camping Drei Spatzen is an uncluttered family campground (58 pitches) on the edge of a small village and a large forest area, in the middle of nature.

In pre-and post-season, silence and tranquility prevail here and you can relax from all the daily hustle and bustle. During the high season (and vacation periods), the peace remains but there is also a cozy liveliness befitting the enjoyment of summer, the sun, nature and each other!

Safari tent or Bell tent

Real camping but with a lovely real bed or camping with the luxury of home. You can do so in one of our furnished Bell or Safari tents equipped with all comforts.

Comfort pitch

Unsere Comfort-Campingplätze befinden sich auf zwei verschiedenen Feldern unseres Campingplatzes und sind mit allen Anschlüssen wie Strom, WLAN, Wasser und Abwasser ausgestattet.

Comfort+ camping pitch

Our Comfort+ pitches are located on different fields, so there is always something to choose from! Each field has its own advantages, such as the location on our stream, or an extra large pitch.

Tent site car-free

Our car-free camping pitches are ideal for real tent campers. All tent pitches are located on our stream (Veld “Aan de Beek”) and have their own power connection.

Nature pitch

A place in the middle of nature, no cars, no wifi, no caravans … ideal for the peace-seeker who does not shy away from a little more primitive camping under the twinkling stars.

Trekkers pitch

Especially for hikers and bikers who travel by foot, bike, moped or motorcycle (or similar), we have nice spots available to pitch the tent.

Family camping

im Südeifel!

Our campground is a cozy place for everyone who is looking for a good mix of nature, culture, rest and activity. Conviviality and hospitality are our watchwords.

The surroundings consist of alternating forest, green hills, rocky cliffs and small villages. Because of its central location (also close to Luxembourg), there is a tremendous amount to see, do and experience.

Playing in nature. That’s the most beautiful thing there is, isn’t it? At our campsite we have a natural playground next to our small stream which runs across the campsite. Here the children can play and scramble for hours (not swim, our creek is too small for that). There are also a number of picnic benches to enjoy the scenery and each other.

There are also 2 playgrounds, a small football field, a common fire/BBQ place and 2 lovely terraces at our Gaststatte.

There is plenty to do even in lesser weather. Grab a game from our game cabinet or a book from the bookshelf. Prefer a game of pool or a game of darts or foosball? Cozy.

Whatever you fancy, here you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation and enjoy camping in the wooded Eifel!

Kamperen in de Eifel




Experience the unique and
wooded area

In the immediate vicinity of the campground you can hike and enjoy the beautiful nature and the many trips that can be made. The remarkable thing is that 20 car minutes away you have another completely different environment. The Eifel never ceases to surprise you.

Camping in the wooded Eifel